Britain's Food Nannies Will No Longer Sell You 1.75L Bottles of Coca-Cola

Yup, you learn that proper – when you stay in Britain, you would possibly wish to fill up on 1.75L bottles of Coca-Cola, as beginning in March, you will be pressured to purchase just one.5L bottles.

And but there is no outcry from the beverage business.

You’d assume there could be. After all, again when nanny Bloomberg tried to move his cup measurement ban – the one that will have pressured you to purchase two 500ml cups when you needed to drink the amount of a human abdomen (1L) value of soda without delay, the beverage business purchased a full web page commercial within the New York Times to complain about it (that is it up above).

But what about Brits’ rights to purchase 1.75L bottles of liquid sweet? Why no screaming about Britain’s enjoyable and freedom stealing nanny?

Because Britain’s nanny is the beverage business. You see Coca-Cola, consequent to Britain’s new soda tax, needs to make sure individuals preserve shopping for loads of product, and to assist ease the tax’ sting, they’re going to stop selling 1.75L bottles (which incur extra tax) altogether.

So the following time you are tempted to shout concerning the nanny state when somebody like Bloomberg proposes a brand new coverage designed to encourage decreased consumption of junk meals, bear in mind, you already stay in a nanny state.

The meals business is your nanny.

(originally posted in response to Philadelphia’s related plan)

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