Picture Books Shouldn't Teach Toddlers To Be Self-Conscious About Weight

A affected person introduced on this image e-book.

It’s apparently from a collection of image books about “Pot Bellied Buddies

It’s a couple of bunny who as a consequence of consuming too many carrots, not suits in his bunny gap.

And so what did the bunny do?

Well he determined to “reduce somewhat, and train

Another affected person introduced in a Thomas and Friends e-book.

In it, youngsters are launched to, “The Fat Controller

And when exploring different Thomas and Friends characters I discovered there’s additionally a “Thin Controller“. There are not any different physique primarily based descriptors of every other characters. Weight is seemingly an vital distinction.

In the previous I’ve famous weight biased messaging in:

A beloved and award winning children’s author’s book
Harry Potter
The Princess Bride
A kid’s movie whose entire premise rides on the suggestion that being fat is horrific
The Muppets reboot
Johnny Test
Max and Ruby


An attraction at Disney’s Epcot Center.

That weight hate and stereotyping is so prevalent in youngsters’s books and films speaks to how deeply ingrained weight bias is in society right now. Parents, please be looking out for this type of messaging, and when (not if) you come throughout it, use it as a chance to have a considerate dialogue along with your youngsters about why it is fallacious.

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