UK Gov's ParkLives Kids' Exercise Partnership Markets Coca-Cola To Kids

ParkLives is a joint mission between Coca-Cola and the British authorities that goals to advertise free bodily health actions at native UK parks.

At least that is what’s in it for the British authorities.

What’s in it for Coca-Cola?

Well after all they’ll spin it as robust company social duty which helps their declare that they are on group well being and in so doing present themselves with ammunition to presumably forestall or block business unfriendly laws.

But there’s extra.

There’s advertising and marketing.

A recent study set out to have a look at the ParkLives mission by means of the lens of promoting.

The research analyzed two weeks price of #ParkLives tweets throughout two separate weeks. The first week was throughout every week of college trip (the place the advertising and marketing is perhaps anticipated to be thicker and the occasions extra frequent), whereas the second was throughout the faculty 12 months, however spanning National Fitness Day.

Every recognized tweet was then coded for class of content material (advertising and marketing or in any other case)

Over the 2 weeks of assortment, 318 tweets containing 216 photos had been recognized, and of these, 57% included a Coca-Cola emblem (normally on banners or workers shirts).

The authors be aware that the publicity to Coca-Cola branding is probably extra highly effective right here in that with ParkLives, Coca-Cola is related to enjoyable, wholesome, household actions.

The authors’ tackle all of this?

ParkLives is indicative of a CSR mission that goals to create a well being halo round a model and affect wider socio-ecological elements by guiding public discourse and directing opinion on the determinants of public well being points away from company affect and towards particular person duty

Partnerships, by definition, profit each concerned events. Perhaps governments should not be serving to out within the enterprise of promoting the world’s largest liquid sweet model.

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