Could Health Canada's Future Front-of-Package Stoplights Reform Deceptive Claims?

So on Monday I blogged about how there are many meals of doubtful dietary high quality with fronts-of-package claims that whereas authorized, are misleading.

Looking forward, there’s the chance that Health Canada will be implementing a national front-of-package food labeling program which in flip would spotlight merchandise’ greater than desired nutrient contents (maybe by means of stoplights as an illustration).

So here is my simple suggestion.

Regardless of the system applied, if a product’s substances rating it a front-of-package warning from Health Canada, that product’s packaging needs to be legally prohibited from together with any front-of-package well being claims or inferences (the place inferences for instance can be a package deal of Froot Loops shouting out to its inclusion of complete grains or Vitamin D, however with out an precise useful well being declare).

Though imperfect, this straightforward step would possibly assist tilt the taking part in area ever so barely away from the meals trade’s present unfair benefit.

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