PSA: Scales Measure Gravity, Not Health, Happiness, Success, or Effort

Just a periodic reminder that scales measure the gravitational pull of the earth at a given second in time – nothing else.

Scales do not measure the presence or absence of well being.

Scales do not measure happiness.

Scales do not measure success.

And scales do not measure effort.

Too many individuals imagine scales measure issues apart from gravity, and for some, these beliefs cause them to abandon their finest efforts.

If you are ever inquisitive about the way you’re doing, think about the truth that the reply to that query has to do with the doing.

Are you cooking extra steadily? Minimizing your liquid energy? Decreasing your restaurant reliance? Not consuming to extra? Cultivating sleep? Exercising as a lot and as usually as you’ll be able to moderately take pleasure in? Keeping a meals diary of some type?

The reply to these questions (and naturally that record is not exhaustive, nor will all questions apply to all individuals) are the way you’re doing.

Please do not confuse what you weigh with the way you’re doing. Though there’s usually overlap, they’re positively not one in the identical.

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